NCI and Veterans Affairs (VA) collaborate to boost veterans access to clinical trials

Veterans with cancer in 12 states will have easier access to new cancer treatments. A new program called NAVIGATE will help veterans access clinical trials through Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities.

“NAVIGATE is an opportunity for VA and NCI to partner at the national level to make clinical trials more accessible to veterans,” said James H. Doroshow, M.D., deputy director for Clinical and Translational Research, National Cancer Institute (NCI).

VA has a strong clinical research program. There are clinical trials in cancer and other diseases at close to 100 sites. VA facilities face challenges in starting and completing funded trials. It is difficult for partners to navigate the system. This program will address barriers to trial enrollment that veterans often experience. VA investigators will be able to identify important studies for veterans with cancer.

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NCI and VA collaborate to boost veterans access to clinical trials” and “NAVIGATE Sites” photo originally published by the National Cancer Institute